Abraham Lincoln

                                    (R.K and M.I.R. Polkinghorne)

“Abraham Lincoln” is an interesting and inspiring story of a poor boy who became the 16th president of U.S.A. the story shows the heroic struggle of Abraham Lincoln against the heavy odds of life. It also shows that a child born in a log cabin may become a president of a country by dint of his unceasing struggle, unflinching determination and unflagging courage.

Abraham was born in 1809 in a poor family in the state of Kentucky. His father was a farmer. They had a humble hut to live in. the family later on shifted to the state of Indiana. Abraham was an intelligent and hardworking boy. He and his sister helped their parents in household affairs. He learnt to use a gun at the age of eight. His mother died in his childhood. The Bible was his first story and reading book.

His father married a widow a few children from her late husband. Abraham’s stepmother brought some furniture with her. She made the house comfortable. She sent him to school and looked after him properly. When he grew up he earned his living in a variety of waves. He worked as a postmaster, surveyor, shopkeeper and boatman. On one of his river trips, he went down to southern states where he saw Negro slaves working in cotton fields. He was deeply moved by the miserable condition of the slaves. He disliked slavery from the heart of his heart.

Abraham was elected member of assembly at the age of twenty-five. He read law and was admitted to the bar at the age of twenty-eight. In 1861, he had become so popular in the Northern States that he was elected president of the U.S.A. the southern states were not pleased with him. They chose their own president, Jefferson Davis. But Abraham would not allow the cession of the Southern States. A civil war (1861-1865) was fought which lasted for four years. Lincoln and the Union won the war after a prolong struggle.

A few days after his victory he was shot by a mad man at Washington Theatre. He died at a time when his country needed him very much. However he belongs to ages. He was a man of great caliber. He was a great orator. He stood firm and dauntless in the face of surmounting hardships. He is respected and admired as one of the greatest leaders he world has ever produced. His life encourages and inspires us to action. We can also rise in life by hard work.


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