In this essay Galeazzo Santini provides us the secret behind China’s remarkable progress since independence in 1949. China encloses one-fourth of the humanity and this huge population, according to the western world, will lead to the elimination of China. On devotion having a common aim before them. This numerical strength becomes a “POWER” and not a threat to its existence. 

            In the early days after independence, China was not given much important but now the West has recognized the strong position assumed by China. Every year a large number of delegations visit China and Chinese leaders are esteemed due to their genius and of dedication towards the people. Under their leadership the Chinese people have turned the country in an earthly paradise. Their exemplary ways of living have drawn the attention of many countries and they ate moulding themselves according to China.

            After Socialist Revolution, the leadership that assumed the office gave a new outlook to life and went straight to the root of the problems. Instead of being selfish, they were taught to work with spirit of fellowship, common purpose and discipline. This enabled them to solve many problems regarding shortage of food, unemployment and economic injustice. This achievement can be termed as an outcome of centralized economy that has brought the economic relief to the doorsteps of common people. They are enjoying a simple and austere life and have created a now world and a new man after rejecting the luxurious ways.

            China is basically an agricultural country and its prosperity has been occurred without a flight from the fields. Which is the price paid by the West? Agriculture is based on communes that are sub-divided into production brigades and teams. 

            The farmers work on their traditional labour. Agricultural mechanization is being introduced with caution to avoid upsetting the balance between machines and manpower. The people do not run to cities but remain intact with small industries. This system has given birth to a new world that is free from money. Alcohol and sex. They have acted upon Mao’s maxim. “Rely on your own forces.” “In pursuance of this policy of self-reliance, they have devised machines.” As an outcome their cost of production is less and they ate in the front line of manufacturers. 

            The Chinese people have also brought a change in their social lives. Even the Chinese students lead a planned life and maintain balance between the studies and other activities. The Chinese women have played a vital role in the uplift of the country. Many social benefits lie with them. They enjoy eight working hours per day, free hospitalization and medical care. They ate granted fifty-six paid days before childbirth. They ignore western point of view that there is a lack of femininity in the Chinese women as no beauty products and mention of sex either in films of literature. Mao once stated that women hold up half the sky at the same height as by the men. It has given Chinese women a sense of confidence and awareness of their role in the society. 

            In China, the monthly cost of living is officially calculated for every region. A number of workers live in factories along with free heath facilities. A sick worker receives full pay for six months and after which he gets 60%. However if he faces financial problem. His company helps him. The workers retire at 60,while female workers at 50 or55 and if they do clerical jab, re-employment may be possible. There are nurseries and Kindergartens where Children of workingwomen are looked after. The Chinese government has set up an assistance system in which salary is raised equal to the cost of living if a family has only one source of income. 

            In short, Chine has registered a phenomenal progress because of yeoman services paid by the people as well as leadership; the people do not serve their selfish ends but strive for socio-economic uplift of the country. As their beloved leader Mao repeatedly emphasized that “it in the people and not things, that ate decisive,” 


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