The First Woman In Space

                                            (Patrick Pringle)

The first woman in space” is an interesting story. It is from Patrick Pringle’s famous book: of the modern world”. It removes the popular misconception that women are weak. Valentina’s achievements show the strong determination and will to fight against the odds of life pave the way to success. Sex has to do little in the race of life and struggle for success. The story inspires other women to step into the world of action and overcome their make belief inferiority complex.

       Velentina Tereshkova was the first female cosmonaut. She belonged to Soviet Union. She was a young lady gifted with supreme powers of physical and mental endurance. She had a perfect body and extraordinary spirit for adventure. 

       She was interested in flying. She joined a flying club and soon become a first class parachutist” Perfect Health exceptional strength and stamina high intelligence, outstanding judgments, and quickness of reaction, coolness, courage, tremendous determination and an iron will”. She had to undergo a very tough training. She had to sit in the “wheel”. It was a kind of machine, which was spun round and round at a terrific speed. Then there were the treadmill, overhead swings and the noise Chamber.

She had to pass many mental tests. Many of her class-fellow dropped off one by one. The training was so hard that only a few could complete it. Valentina was one of the few. She completes her training successfully.

One June 16, 1963, Valentina went on her first space travel in Vostok-6. She kept in contact with both the earth and her space brother traveling in Vostok-5. She remained in space for about 72 hours, making 49 orbits round the earth. She was made the Hero of U.S.S.R. as she had done excellently well in space. She was the first woman of the world who had gone in the space.

Valentina’s life and achievement serve as an excellent example for the other women of the world. Her being a woman did not prove any obstacle in her way to success. It is not well-founded belief that women are weak. Women are making their mark in every field of life. They may be inspired by the exemplary performance of Valentina and some other women who have done praise-worthy deeds in different fields of life.


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