Using the scientific method 

          In this highly informative essay Darrel Barnad and Lon Edwards have presented the services of science o humanity along with the comparative study of past and present. They tell the readers about the revolution brought by science in the fields of medicine, sanitation, food preservation and day-to-day human beliefs and attitude. To confine the blessings of science is to attempt the impossible. Here, only following advantages of science are discussed. 


            Two hundred years ago, diseases were quite common. Most of the newly born babies used to die on the very first year of their life. Those who survive during that year had to face severe diseases like smallpox, diphtheria, measles and whooping cough etc. In the past, once an epidemic broke out, it affected the whole community. Unfortunately, it resulted in wholesale deaths; the average age of human being was forty years. Now, by using scientific method, the situation has much improved and human being is able to control over many fatal diseases very successful. Today babies ate born in the hospitals where there is little likelihood of getting a disease. The average age of human being has also increased almost to seventy years. Human Being can prevent himself form many dangerous diseases by using scientific method in their diagnosis, treatment and prevention.  


            One hundred year ago, the sanitary condition in sane of the largest cities of the world was far from good. The streets were narrow and unpaved. There was no proper system for the drainage of dirty water. Heaps of garbage was commonly seen in the streets. The supply of water for drinking and for other purposes was not satisfactory. As a result, people had to remain dirty. Every body knows that unsanitary conditions con cause many fatal diseases. Now by using scientific method, the sanitary condition has been improved largely. The streets are paved and are cleaned regularly. It is unlawful to throw garbage in the streets. Dirty water and waste materials are carried through closed pipes to distant places for disposal. Water for drinking and other purpose is supplied in a large quantity through closed pipes. In this water, chances of presence of germs have been greatly reduced. No doubt, this is all due to the application of scientific techniques. 


            By using the scientific method, human being has considerably overcome food shortages. He has now more and better food than the people of the past. In the past, we knew nothing about the importance and preservation of food. It has been proved that is healthful to eat many kinds of food. Previously, the food was preserved by ordinary methods and unskillfully. Due to this, sometimes, the preserved food materials got rotten and poisonous. Now, various kinds of met, fruits, vegetables and fish are preserved by quick freeze method with the help of machines. By this process, these remain delicious and nutritious for a long time. This type of food can also be taken to for-off places. Food suck as milk, apples, eggs, etc. are preserved by another method called dehydration (taking out water). This is why; modern human being enjoys a better standard of living than the people of the past.


             Our ancestors were narrow-minded because they could not acquire scientific knowledge. They believed in baseless thing that had been held true for a long time. Astrology and fortune-telling usually played and important role in the lives of the people. They also believed in the broken mirrors and the number 13. Now, science has proved that there is always a good nature reason to every happening that comes to the people. Science has made people open-minded. This is why; the conclusions of today are not taken as final. The people are more willing to look for new truths. 

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