This page contains the summaries of Intermediate Book I which has been written by professors from reputed colleges. You can get 14 to 16 marks (out of 20 marks) By preparing from these summaries. You can download these summaries or even read these summaries from the web site.

Lesson 1:     His First Flight                               Download

Lesson 2:     Post Haste                                     Download

Lesson 3:     The Road to The East                   Download

Lesson 4:     Punishment of Khipil                     Download

Lesson 5:     The Doll's House                          Download

Lesson 6:     The Stuffed Trout                         Download

Lesson 7:     The Red Shoes                            Download 

                                                 Lesson 8:     Snapshot Of a Dog                       Download

Lesson 10:    Heroes And Heroines                  Download

Lesson 11:    Jewel Of A Girl                            Download

Lesson 12:    Abraham Lincoln                          Download

Lesson 13:     The First Woman in Space          Download


Last Updated      04/02/2001